Ogres novadnieka karte Pavasaris 2016 puķes


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The geographical location and convenient access to infrastructure makes Ogre town a great place for business. It might contribute to the socioeconomic development and population growth in the nearest future.
The Riga-Daugavpils highway passes through the town area, as well as electrified railway line, which provides the mobility of citizens.
The town is built along the national gas pipeline which is also used for Ogre. High voltage power lines go through the town from the powerhouses of Pļaviņas and Ķegums, which will also provide the electricity for the growing housing and farming development in the future.
Ogre has and will have an important role in public transport, and the town has many administrative, educational, cultural, commercial, financial and other institutions.
The town’s services are used not only by the residents of Ogre municipality.
Favourable natural and business development conditions in Ogre, similar to that in developed countries, are creating the preconditions for the development of modern technology in terms of business-parks. Following the latest trends, scientific breakthroughs and discoveries are relatively quickly introduced into production.
Different companies and enterprises are situated in Ogre, which is important part of economic structure of the town and municipality. Ogre town can be divided into several areas that are based on the economic, social, recreational, administrative or some other type of functional activity. Industrial area is located in the outskirts of the town where Ogre Knitwear factory is one of the largest. The administrative, cultural, educational, sports, shopping area is located in the central part of the town. Recreational or leisure areas can be found in the town's most beautiful places of hilly and forested Jaunogre and Pārogre, as well as next to the Ogre River and Daugava River.



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