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Area – 87,2 km²

Population – 926
Distance from Ogre – 46 km
Largest populated places – Ķeipene, Kastrāne (Diedziņš), Vatrāne

The Ķeipene Civil Parish is located in the northern part of Ogre Municipality. Keipene`s greatest treasure is its natural environment. Part of the Keipene Parish is located on one side of the Vidzeme central highlands. The massive ``Keipene Wall`` (rampart) - a set of sandy hillocks that is 7 km long, up to 1 km wide and up to 40 m high – stretches across the landscape. There is a beautiful view from the top of the hillocks which stretches for kilometres in all directions. The Maza Jugla River flows through the Parish toward the West. Two of the largest lakes in Ogre Municipality are located in the area of Ķeipene Civil Parish – the Pečoru and Plaužu lakes.
It is believed that Ķeipene may have received its name from a Prussian chronicler called Kaipen, who wrote about the area in the mid – 15th century. Jaunķeipene estate was formed in 1734 and at the time it included brewery, tilery and limekiln.
The Klētnieku ancient cemetery can be found in the centre of Ķeipene next to the old manor barns. Till this day many introduced foreign trees have preserved in the Ķeipene baronial estate park. The park has been mentioned first in 1759. From the old park the two walnut trees, where one of them is bigger with its circuit 3.1m and 17m, have survived. The park we see today was cultivated by scientist candidate P.Alsups and the principle of the school V.Kokins. There are 27 trees in the Parish that are protected because of their size. Since 1977, the Ķeipene park has been under national protection. The park covers 5.97 hectares of land and has many valuable trees from around the world.
The largest nut trees have a circumference of 2.9 and 3.4 metres respectively.  
Significant places and sights
The Ķeipene Park – covers 5.97 hectares of land, the park has many valuable trees from around the world and has been under national protection since 1977.
The Klētnieku ancient cemetery is located in the centre of Ķeipene next to the old manor barns.
Communication Centre and Sergei Eisenstein Film Museum is located in former Ķeipene`s railway station. It is the only public exposition in the world which is dedicated to the great film director.




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