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Area – 80,3 km²
Population – 605
Distance from Ogre – 35 km
Largest populated places – Laubere, Krodzinieki, Cēsītes

Laubere Civil Parish is located in the central part of Ogre Municipality. Suntaži-Madliena road passes through the Parish. Forests occupy 51% of the territory. The Abza River, which flows through the north-eastern part of the Parish, is a tributary of the Mazā Jugla and is the largest river in the Parish. A tributary of the Ogre River, the Aviekste, flows along the southern part of the Parish.
Laubere, once known as Ozolmuiža, has been populated for a very long time. Ancient cult rocks and burial mounds have been found in the territory of the Parish. During the rule of the German nobility in Latvia, the Ozolmuiža baronial estate was one of Latvia`s most beautiful estates. The main building was made of local fieldstones, which made the structure fairly unique. Only a few buildings from the estate`s ensemble survived to this day. Ozolmuiža changed its name to Laubere during the Soviet occupation. Before World War II, a narrow-gauge rail line connected the baronial estate to the town of Ogre.
Approximately three kilometres to the South-West of Laubere can be found an archaeological monument of national importance – the Ančiņu or Ozolēnu rock, popularly known as Velnakmens (the devil`s rock), Velnapēda (the devil`s footprint), etc. The rock is 4.8 metres long, 4.6 metres wide and 2.4 metres high. It is an ancient cult stone. A second cult stone is found in the centre of the village of Laubere, not far from the Parish Council`s building.
Significant places and sights
The Ančiņu devil`s or Ozolēnu rock – 4.8 metres long, 4.6 metres wide and 2.4 metres high. It is an ancient cult stone, used as the sacrifice place.
The Hollow stone is an ancient cult stone, almost completely sunk into the ground. The stone is an archaeological monument.
The ``Zarumi`` landscape park is a place for walks and rest. Many interesting objects like Five Lat oak tree, the Love hazel tree, Vanšu bridge, as well as Grand Canyon can be seen here.
Aviekste`s oak trees – several oak trees with 5 m or more trunk circuit.

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