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Area – 89,7 km²

Population – 520
Distance from Ogre – 66 km
Largest populated places – Menģele, Austriņi, Meņģelmuiža

Meņģele Civil Parish is located in the far eastern part of Ogre Municipality. The highest point in the Parish is Zvirgzdinu hill 143.5 m above the sea level. The largest river is the Ogre River, which flows for 36 km within the Parish. The water is fresh and clean, and lots of fish live in the river and its tributaries. The river is less polluted here than it is further along its stream.
Forests occupy 55% of the territory.
First written information about Meņģele dates back to the late 17th century. After the Great Northern War the surrounding area was badly affected by plague, many people died during this time, however, around 1724 the estate had already 200 people. The local baronial estate financed the construction of a stone church in 1795. The altarpiece ``Golgotha`` was painted by G. Kargins in 1864. The congregation has been active ever since and is the state consequence architectural monument. In 1999 the European Union flag was given to the church during the European Union cultural days.
Near the church is the Siliņi homestead, where the writer Sudrabu Edžus was born and raised.
At the beginning of the 20th century there were fully operated glass and brick factories.
Significant places and sights
The Meņģele Lutheran church was built in 1795 and is still active to this day.
The Memorial museum of Sudrabu Edžus (in the building of the former kindergarden).
Monument to the famous writer Sudrabu Edžus.
Dullā Dauka`s grove. Oak and birch trees grow in the grove. There is a special stone with engraved inscription ``Dullais Dauka`` on it. The grove was established in 1980 after the initiative of I. Ziedonis and G. Eniņa.
The Cemetery.





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