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Area – 98,02 km²
Population – 3203
Distance from Ogre – 10 km
Largest populated places – Kārļi, Ciemupe, Lībieškalns
Ogresgals Civil Parish lies in the central part of Latvia, it borders with Ogre Town, Tīnūži, Suntaži and Rembate Civil Parishes, as well as the rural territory of Ķegums Municipality.  The Ogre River winds its way through Ogresgals dividing it into two parts – Kārļi and Ciemupe. There are 4 pedestrian bridges over the Ogre River that connect Kārļi and Ciemupe. The other rivers in the Parish are the Ranka, the Kilupe, the Urga, and several smaller ones.
The Riga-Daugavpils highway and railroad line passes along the Daugava River. The Ulbroka-Ogre-Koknese highway with its new road passes through the central part of the Civil Parish toward the West-East.
Forests occupy 29% of the territory of the Civil Parish, 29 exceptionally big trees grow in the Parish.
Ogresgals Civil Parish was founded in 1928. It does not have a long history, however, ancient Livonian burial mounds have been found in Ogresgals Civil Parish which date back from the 9th to the 12th century.
Many agricultural buildings were built since 1930s, eg. creamery, two limekilns and two sawmills, and the mill which today has been rebuilt into two-storey residential building.
In 1945, pomological garden was founded in Kārļi, later it was turned into Ogre`s horticultural experimental station, where a research in orcharding and in vegetable growing was conducted. New bread of cucumbers, cabbage, gooseberries were grown.
Many prominent Latvians have been associated with Ogresgals Civil Parish. The distinguished composer Emīls Dārziņš lived at the ``Kārļi`` homestead in the summer of 1903. The poet Auseklis, in 1874, directed the play ``Mika`` at the ``Vecuteļi`` homestead. The Russian Empress Catherine I was born in the Parish. She refused to submit to the estate manager’s lust and ran away. She was adopted by the clergyman Ernst Gluck. During the Great Northern War she joined the court of the Russian tsar, and later became the ruler of Russia.
Significant places and sights
The Ogre dolomite cliff is located on the left bank of the Ogre River. It has been under national protection since 1977.
The memorial signpost in honour of folk song collectors. It was unveiled in October 1993 by poet I. Ziedonis near the homestead ``Vecuteles``.
The memorial sign to Latvian theatre and Auseklis was unveiled on 18 September 1990. It was made by P. Mellis.
The ceramic studio of Jānis Zviedrs. Ceramic works are done based on the knowledge obtained in Latgale. It is possible to make your own pottery as well as buy the craftsman’s works.
The year and horoscope trees. It is possible to find your own horoscope tree among the many trees.
The ``Dakota`` café. In the territory of caféit is possible to see the military machinery like cars, planes and spare parts, as well as other type of expositions.




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