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Area – 126,4 km²
Population – 774
Distance from Ogre – 65 km
Largest populated places – Taurupe, Aderkaši, Bevulēni, Zvaigznītes, Dreimaņi, Lakstene

Taurupe Civil Parish is located in the North-East part of Ogre Municipality. The Ogre River flows through the southern part on the boarder of Meņģele Civil Parish. Forests occupy 60% of the territory. There are few limestone deposits, as well as gravel and clay deposits.
The name Taurupe comes from the local Taure River, which once flowed into the Līčupe River and was a place where a long extinct species of animal known as the auroch came to drink and to bellow (the word ``taurēt`` in Latvian means ``to bellow``).
The oldest information about the Parish dates back to 1499 where Aderkaši is located. In 1687 Aderkaši baronial estate owned around 30 farms. Today only ruins have remained from the estate.
The Taurupe baronial estate was built up in the 18th and 19th centuries. The castle, which was rebuilt in 1961, now houses the local school. The park of the estate has many species of local trees.
Many people in Taurupe and the nearby village of Aderkaši converted to the Orthodox faith in the 1840s, and an Orthodox church was built at Aderkaši in 1867. Services were conducted in Latvian. The writer Sudrabu Edžus studied at the church`s school for a while.
In 1880 the owner of Taurupe baronial estate Tranzē gave land and money to Parish in order to build the school. It was built near the river Taukātnīte. The maintenance required more money and the school was moved to Taurupe baronial castle. At the place where the Taukātnīte River flows into the Ogre River, near the boundary with the Meņģele Civil Parish, a stand of birch trees named after the fictional character Dullais Dauka was installed at the initiative of the poet Imants Ziedonis.
Many distinguished people have lived in the Parish. Latvian artist Vilhelms Purvītis was born at the ``Vecjaužu`` homestead in the Parish.
Significant places and sights
The Taurupe baronial estate was built in 18th century and currently houses Taurupe`s primary school.
The Miķelēni oak tree is one of the thickest trees in Ogre Municipality with a circumference of 8.4 m.
The Aderkaši St. Maria-Madala Orthodox church. It was built in 1867. Latvian orthodox Jānis Līcītis, who wrote the book ``Notes of an Orthodox Latvian`` was preaching there for many years.
The Aderkaši castle mound.
The ancient cemeteries of the late Iron Age.


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