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In order to facilitate the development of Ogre territory, Ogre Municipality and other institutions take an active part in preparation and implementation of different development and investment projects by attracting financial support from National funds and European Union as well as other funds and programmes. 
Since 1999, Ogre Municipality has participated in implementation of more than 150 projects in various sectors like education, work with children and youngsters, social care, integration of society, infrastructure improvement, environmental protection, energy efficiency improvement, business promotion as well as others.
Biggest investments are linked to such sectors as water management, street and road alignment, business development and energy efficiency promotion. A large part of the implemented projects are related to exchange of experience and training as well as the development of cooperation between various institutions both locally and internationally.
Ogre Municipality provides the necessary co-financing for the projects as well as organizes project contests in order to support residents and public organizations.


 Infrastructure Department
Head of the Infrastructure Department
Aija Romanovska
Chief specialist in the issues of adoption to the climate change
Edgars Pārpucis
Spatial planner - chief specialist in the issues of rural infrastructure Jevgēnijs Duboks  +37165046174
Chief specialist in the issues of social, educational, culture and sports infrastructure
Pēteris Preiss
Chief specialist in the issues of street infrastructure Uldis Bārdulis  +37165020912



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